For the second part of “Building soft-skills at a young age”, we are going to introduce you something special and that is…


A newcomer in the scene of enrichment classes, it has proved its popularity and relevance by the rapid increase in classes and sign-ups. It is apparent from the numbers that many parents have started to realise the importance of alternative enrichments that prove to be beneficial to a child’s younger formative years.

So… What is Lego Robotics?

As the name suggests, classes are conducted with the use of everybody’s favourite LEGO toys. However, more than just assembling LEGO pieces, your child will have the opportunity to investigate, build and experiment models with other kids as they work together to programme and bring their robots to life!

Through these fun and hands-on activities, your child will be introduced to the basics of robotics as well as learn important programming concepts such as sequential execution and decision making.

Okay… Why are Lego Robotics classes so popular then?

Compared to the usual academic curriculum of sciences, Lego Robotics provides a more exciting and enjoyable exposure to maths, science, and engineering.

From the very first step of brainstorming to the successful running of the model, your child would be directly involved in every step of the mini STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths) project. He would have to learn, understand and think about the various concepts behind building a robotic model, utilise their creative juice in the idea generation process as well as trial and improve from the errors along the way.

Did you know that Lego is actually responsible for inspiring many generations of children to pursue careers in math, science, and engineering? Children who have participated in such programs were found to have long-lasting interest in STEM topics and 2x more likely to major in science or engineering once in higher education.

Other than DIY robotics toys that are in the market, few children are being exposed to the topic of STEM at a young age and only get their first exposure by studying about it. We all know how dry STEM subjects can be sometimes. Therefore, encouraging interest in these topics at a young age is always a good start.

What are the benefits?

Throughout the whole process, your child would be challenged in their critical thinking. Not only that, they are free to explore their own ideas and expand their imagination capacity. At the same time, it can develop their spatial reasoning and allow them to learn about structural integrity, design, and a practical sense of geometry.

They are also expected to work with their peers to create stories and solutions for the robots and that would allow them to develop their presentation and interpersonal relationship skills.

Most importantly, your child will be having a fun, exciting yet educational time!


KRTC’s Lego Robotics Holiday Program is open for registration!

All children from the ages of 5 to 12 are welcome!

We would love to have you at our classes.

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