KRTC aims to improve the literacy standards and education of children in Cambodia and foster international and interpersonal relationship and bonding between Singapore and Cambodia citizens.

The holistic education programmes offered by KISS will mirror the Singapore education system, academic year, curriculum and teaching approaches. Echoing the direction of the Singapore government to tap on foreign talents, KRTC (Singapore) will be offering scholarships of up to US $1,000,000. This is done in the hope of not only grooming future Singapore leaders, but also Cambodian children who show the potential of becoming future leaders of Cambodia.



"In the months of preparation, I have come across numerous families, companies and individuals all sharing my mission to raise the awareness of the importance of good literacy development from young and equally eager to be part of this spelling competition. Every single one of us forms the essential foundation for bringing out the potential in the children of Cambodia, who will be our next generation of leaders.

This spelling competition has not only brought children from schools all over Phnom Penh together to mingle and interact, it has also brought out and showcased the abilities and talents in them. It has meant a lot to my team of organizers and serves as a form of affirmation of our efforts in organizing this event. Such a competition will not be the last in Phnom Penh and we should all look forward to the next one!"  - Mr Dennis Ng, Founder of KRTC