For parents whose child is in kindergarten but would be transiting to primary 1 soon, it must be an exciting moment to witness your child growing up to take on the next stage in life.

At the same time, you would be anxious as well. Would my child adjust well to the new environment? Would he/she have trouble catching up in the new class? After all, primary school has a very different environment, curriculum, and pace from kindergarten. The change from an unstructured learning environment to a more structured one in a proper classroom over a period of few months may come as a cultural shock for most children.

It seems that these sorts of worries are on many parents’ mind, as it can be seen from the rapid increase in popularity of primary 1 preparatory classes over the years. Intake for such programmes have increased by three to five times from last year, with certain intakes being oversubscribed and parents having to be put on a waiting list.

This higher demand indicates that more parents are aware of the benefits of such classes and are also more willing to invest in their children’s education at an early age.

For parents who are new to these programmes, what exactly are these primary 1 preparatory classes and are they really worth it?

P1 preparatory classes are specially designed for pre-school children who are preparing to transit to primary school, and the main objectives would be to build up a solid foundation in the basic skills required, clarify their previous misconceptions, and develop an interest for learning for various subjects such as English, Mathematics, and Chinese.

These classes can usually carefully planned and written to follow closely with the MOE syllabus for Primary Once and they can range from a few weeks to a year, depending on the programme itself.

They are usually targeted at children between the ages of 5 and 7 years. The small class size of each intake also allows the tutors to pay attention to all types of pre-schoolers, no matter their background.

For pre-schoolers who are struggling in kindergarten, these classes would be tremendously useful for them. They can use this extra time to re-learn concepts that were difficult to grasp previously, with more guidance and assistance from the tutor, as these concepts would be taught in a step-by-step basis.

It is crucial for them to get the basics right before the start of primary school because if not, it would be even harder for them to catch up once the curriculum starts. The stress and pressure would become more intense.

For pre-schoolers who are doing alright in kindergarten, these classes would help to clear any misconceptions they had that are preventing them from excelling.

It would also help to build a stronger foundation so they would not struggle to keep up when new and more difficult contents are taught. This would help to reduce the stress and burden when primary school starts.

For pre-schoolers who are performing very well in kindergarten, preparatory classes help to give them a head start in primary school. Furthermore, these classes do not only benefit academic skills, but they also facilitate systematic and sequential learning, develop communication skills with a love for active learning.

Laying a strong foundation is a vital process parents cannot afford their children to not have. Once you have this solid foundation, it is much easier to build on it, as compared to attempting to undo the bad habits and wrong concepts from the start. Furthermore, it is also easier to do so at a younger age.

Not forgetting that such classes, as the word “preparatory” implies, would also help pre-schoolers to be better prepared mentally for what is to come, and that helps them to cope better with the change.

Therefore, It is useful for parents now to analyze which stage is your pre-schooler at before deciding on which kinds of programmes and duration to sign up for that would be beneficial to them.

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