"When I first joined Mr Tan’s class, I was only getting grades such as C5 or C6 for English. My school’s English teacher’s teaching was extremely inadequate. After I turned to Mr Tan for help, I had a much better grasp of the English language and eventually scored an A1 for my ‘O’ Level English, including A1s for my combined Humanities and English Literature. My command of the English language has improved by leaps and bounds under Mr Tan’s meticulous marking style. It is only thanks to him that I am able to be admitted into Raffles Junior College."
- Dorpran

"Mr. Wong, I am glad to share with you that Brigitte has score A for her Math. This is a great improvement from a borderline case (passed by 2/3 marks or failed by 2/3 marks) since P5. Since she has started the intensive tuition during last year November/December & continue through this year with lessons, mock test, extra PSLE papers just before PSLE had certainly helped her to pull up her marks. We would not be surprised if she has gotten a B.
We just want to say THANK YOU to you and guiding her alone. Wishing you all the best & great in health."
- Warm regards,
Jescinda Sim (Parent of Brigitte Sim Min En)

“Mrs Phua is a very dedicated teacher and answers all my doubts towards A. Maths patiently and has helped me to gain a better understanding of the subject. Furthermore, the classroom provides a conducive environment for me to think and do my work.”

"Thank You, Ms Eveline Tan, for giving us your knowledge and helping me feel more confident for my coming exams~ I will get good grades like ‘A’ for you! I AM SUPER CONFIDENT!! I will definitely pass my exams."
- Chen Jun
Primary  6

"Thank You Ms Eveline Tan for giving us your knowledge and helping me feel more confident for my coming exams~ I will get good grades like ‘A’ for you! I AM SUPER CONFIDENT!! I will definitely pass my exams. Mr Tan, we would like to express our gratitude towards your time and attention for Donald since the day he joined your class. You are the first teacher we’ve seen as you have been extremely helpful and putting so much effort into your teaching. We noticed that Donald has thoroughly enjoyed learning and he boosted his morale and even inspire to do greater things after attending your class. We were deeply impressed. Thank you for helping him at his difficult time and giving us such a wonderful tuition experience. You are really one of Kent Ridge’s greatest assets."
- Our sincere thanks and appreciation,
Parents of Donald Leow

"Thank You Ms Eveline Tan for giving us your knowledge and helping me feel more confident for my coming exams~ I will get good grades like ‘A’ for you! I AM SUPER CONFIDENT!! I will definitely pass my exams."

"Thank you, Mr. Wong, for teaching me Maths. Last time I had a C but now I got B but in PSLE, I am aiming for an A* with flying colours to go a good school in secondary."

"I could clarify any doubts I had about the subject immediately and Mrs. Phua provided ample practice. The class is also very fun as the teacher makes the lessons easy to understand in an entertaining way."

"Ms Eveline, You are…  AN AWESOME TEACHER!"
- Alice Chee
Primary 6, Radin Mas Primary School 

"Mr Tan, I am so proud and excited to inform you that I’ve scored an A1 for my ‘O’-level English language. Never in my wildest dreams that I could attain such a score, considered that I had a C5 for my English for mid-year exams and a B3 for my prelims. I would like to thank you for your help and patience in guiding me to improve my English during the 2 years while I was under you supervision. I also took your advice to practice more in my won during the 1 month studying period to improve my comprehension skills and composition writing. I also believe that reading is the best way to improve as it builds up my vocabulary for me composition. I truly enjoyed your lessons (unlike the one I had in school ) because of your great knowledge and understanding in the subject and also the occasional jokes and story-telling. Though the classroom was perpetually freezing, but you’ve made the lessons worth attending. Receiving an A1 for English is certainly a magical one but the lesson I had experienced one truly memorable. I would like to thank you once again and wish you good health and the best in the years to come."
- Koh Tian An
Primary 6, Radin Mas Primary School

"Thank you, Mr Wong for teaching me for two years. Last time I have a low A, but now I got high A. I hope that I can get an A* after your lessons. I hope that I can get to a good secondary school."

"Mrs Phua offers step-by-step explanations for complex problems and enhances my understanding and problem solving skills a lot."

"Poem for Ms Eveline Tan!
I chose this special gift because I wanted you to know,
That I am grateful for your hard work in helping me to grow in knowledge.
For your constant understanding and for always being there,
To tell me I will improve and can do well for PSLE!
Thank you for what you taught me
and for helping me to grow!
You have expanded so much in my learning,
and taught me what I know.
You are someone I will never forget
For they will never be wiped clean
They’re in my memory buried <3"
- Alexandra Low

"Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t, you’re right - Henry Ford Mr Tan, You are the reason why I did well for my GCE ‘O’ levels Cambridge Examinations. Thank you for all your tactics. I truly appreciate that. I scored A2 for English previously , and B4 for sec 3 final year exams. Then I scored B3 for secondary 4 prelims and mid-year. Bless you. ….. for a job well done!"
- Shirley Ang

"Mr Wong is a very good teacher. He tells us jokes and tells us educational things like which place have real water etc. He teach us very nicely.. He is the BEST Math tuition teacher ever!!!"

"Mrs Phua is very detailed in explaining the steps for each question and shows how to present it. She is very helpful when others ask questions and tries to explain it clearly of things we do not know. Sometimes, when discussing a topic she brings in other relevant subject. Also sometimes when explaining to the class she tries to entertain the class to lighten the mood."

"Last time, my school English test paper I got 10//14 but now I got 14/14 marks! Ms  Eveline Tan is very good and kind. Thank You MS Eveline Tan."
- Lim Yong Jie
Primary 4, West Grove Primary School

"Mr Tan, My husband and I just wanted to thank you for the help given to Timothy for his ‘O’ levels English examination in year 2004. You have made it possible for him to to dare to ‘dream far’ to score an A2 despite his borderline score of C6 for his mid-year examination. He couldn’t have done it without your expertise given the fact that he could had 4-5 months of tuition with you!! We wish you every blessing as you continue to help many others who will come your way. I will be glad to recommend you to any who may ask me."
- Regards & many thanks,
Mrs. Mgas

“Mr. Wong is funny but when it comes to teaching, he can be very fierce. He sometimes offers to help students who are unsure of his work. He is smart in many ways and also a good teacher.”

"The pace is quite fast but Mrs. Phua’s explanation for the questions are quite clear. There, is ample practice available and the classes are generally well-planned and organized.” Thank you Ms Eveline Tan! You are the best teacher! Before I enrolled into the tuition, my comprehension was poor and brings an egg for comprehension. After I enrolled, my compre became from 3 ½ to 5! You are the best comprehension teacher."
- Eu Leong
Primary 4, Jurong West Primary School

"Mr Tan, I would like to inform you that I scored an A2 for my O-level English. Before I joined your class in July 2001, I used to get C5 only. My English grades improved tremendously under your coaching. Your lessons were humorous and enjoyable and I could easily grasp your explanation. Your explanation was clear and concise. The conducive environment in your class created the right conditions for me to improve my English. Thank your Mr Tan! If not for you, I would not have achieved an A2. Thank you once again!"
- Yours sincerely,
Tan Zhen Yu Pandora

"Mrs Phua is patient and she teachers the lesson clearly at the right pace."

"Ms Eveline Tan, thank you for teaching me. I have learnt vocabulary and new words. You are very strict but I’ve improved a lot. I’m glad to have a teacher like you."
- Vaness, Primary 3.

"Dear Mr Tan, I would like to thank you for the effort you’ve put in coaching me in my English. I used to get a C but actually got an A2 which I thought I could never attain in the ‘O’ levels. The method which you taught me on how to improve my English is effective. I am still using it. Thank you once again."
- Yours sincerely,
Rachel Ng Wei Ting

"Mr Wong is a very superb teacher. He can play a role in Hollywood movies as a comedian. He is very good at general knowledge. You are the world’s best teacher, You are a pro."

"Thank you, Mrs Phua, for teaching me all this while and telling me that I am able to do it! Without your strategies and compliments, I am afraid that I might not do as well as I actually could. Back then I was struggling with my composition and comprehension. However, I feel much more confident and comfortable with your methods!"
- Love,
Reynard Woo

"Niki has been taking tuition lessons with Ms Eveline Tan for the past few months. I have seen improvement in her school work despite the short period of time. Ms Tan is a caring, encouraging and responsible teacher. She is strong in concept development and her clear explanations has enable Niki to understand the topics easily. Most importantly, Niki’s interest for the subject grew and she is more motivated to learn. Ms Eveline Tan has made the journey to learning a more meaningful and enjoyable one."
- YvetteGoh (Mother of Nicki Tang)

"Mr Tan, I am Ng Wai Hung, took ‘O’ level examination English paper on 2002. Can you remember me? I obtained a C6 for the subject. I attempted the same examination three times before I was, but I was only able to obtain a D7 for three years. I tried numerous tuition center and even private tuition, I still could not get a pass for the subject. With your patient, creative teaching, determination, helpfulness, hardworking, etc, I managed to break through the fail situation. Even though I only obtained a C6, which is below your expectation, I would not even obtain a C6 without your help. You are the one who gave me confident for my examination. I really appreciate with all your valuable private time for guiding me along. All your hard work paid off. In the Chinese proverbs “You are my mentor and my friend”. Finally, I am thankful for your teaching and the knowledge that you have imparted. I believe all these will be useful to me for the rest of my life."
- Best regards,
Ng Wai Hung

"Mr Tan, thank you for your kindness and patience through the half year. Getting pass my ‘O’ level examination was a dream to me, which seemed to be impossible as I had failed twice with D7s in the past 2 years. Finally when the last ‘O’ level result was released, I could hardly believe I scored a C5 – a two grade improvement. Thanks once again for your patience."
- Yours faithfully,
Johnathan Poon Yan Horn

"Ms Eveline Tan has been Megan’s tutor since July this year. Despite the short period of time, Megan has grown to be more independent and motivated in doing her work as her confident level has greatly built up. She has shown greater interest and improvement in her studies. Megan always enjoys Ms Eveline’s lesson as she finds it fun and interesting. Ms Eveline is always well prepared for her lessons and her explanations make it easier for Megan to grasp the topic and concept better. She is a responsible, approachable and caring educator who will go extra mile to nurture Megan and bring out her best potential in her studies and character.
I am really happy and grateful Ms Eveline for being Megan’s tutor and making Megan’s learning journey fruitful and interesting."

- Doreen Kang, Mother of Megan Lee
Gan Eng Seng Primary School

"Mr Tan, thanks a lot for helping my English language along the way. I may not get a good grade but I’m happy with C6!! Without your help I may not make it."
- Love, Shirleen

"Dear Mr Tan, remember you had a private student who got an E8 for ‘O’ level and had attended your class in 2000? His name is Tan Sin Boon. Now I have gotten a happy news to share with you. I have passed my English O level with a grade of B3. Thank you very much for your guide."
- Sin Boon



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