6 tips to Manage Time during the June Holiday

With the June holidays just around the corner, time management and planning is important for both parents and children. On the one hand, children look forward to the holidays because of the free time away from school. However, most parents want their child to catch up with academics and revision during the holiday period. What then determines a good work-rest balance? How can my child spend time wisely during the holidays? Is there a way where my child can have a fun yet fruitful holiday?  

Here are 6 tips to help your child juggle between academics and rest during the holidays.

1. Create a to-do list

Almost everyone knows this tip - it is easy to write a checklist with tasks to be completed. However, what happens if your child feels overwhelmed by the number of tasks and nothing gets done?

The priority chart is a good solution for this. Rank tasks by priority by filling in the boxes with the tasks.

The priority chart helps to give a clearer overview of all tasks based on importance and urgency. This increases efficiency as it will be easier for children to choose which task to complete first. Always remember the 4 Ds before deciding on a task!

2. Homework or Revision?

Most children do not know if they should finish their homework or revision first during the June holidays. Since homework needs to be handed in after the school holidays, homework is more urgent than revision. Procrastination is common among children and more often than not, homework is left to the last week of the holiday.

One useful tip for your child is to complete all homework by the 2nd week of June. This leaves ample time for revision and for any last minute changes to homework assignments. Your child will also feel less stressed knowing that their homework is already completed.

However, what if there is too much homework? Rank the homework according to the priority chart above and plan a homework schedule with deadlines.

3. Devise a Revision Plan

As the saying goes, “Don’t Work Hard, Work Smart”. Your child should be planning an efficient study timetable and not a jam-packed study timetable. While revising, make those hours count. Try rewarding your child after a productive study day.

One difficulty most students have during revision is retaining the information. Textbooks and school notes provide a multitude of information and students find it difficult to remember all the information. Information can mostly be separated into 2 categories:

  1. Formulas and equations
  2. All other content

For Category 1, memorizing cannot be avoided. To help your child memorize difficult formulas, try writing the formulas on post-it notes and paste them around the house. Seeing the post-it notes regularly will help with memorization. Colour coding checklists could also incentivize children to complete different tasks. For example, highlighting all mathematics homework blue, science homework green, etc. Colourful checklists are more appealing to children than the typical black and white lists, hence incentivizing them to complete tasks.

Understanding the information is crucial before memorizing information in both categories. By understanding the information before memorizing, your child will be better able to answer application questions and not just the “copy textbook” questions.

4. Go on Learning Journeys

There is always a limit to how long your child can sit at a desk and do homework and revision. However, if too much free time is given to children, they tend to spend long hours on their mobile gadgets. In Singapore, an increasing number of children are developing an addiction to smartphones.

Try encouraging your child to go outside instead of spending too much time on mobile gadgets. Bring your child on learning journeys to the Science Centre, the Art Science Centre and the Zoo. Not only is it fun and engaging, but children can also take away a learning point or two. Exercising or playing sports is a good alternative.

5. Don’t Overwork

It is common for children to overwork if their school assigns a lot of homework and most teenagers burn the midnight oil to complete their homework or revision. This could possibly lead to burnouts and less productivity, affecting their sleep cycles.

Research shows that children of ages 6 to 17 years old need at least 8 - 11 hours of sleep a day. The June holiday is the perfect time for children to catch up on sleep lost during the school period. Getting ample rest is important for your child to recharge before school opens!

6. Sign up for June Holiday Programmes!

What about during the weekdays when parents are working? Consider registering your child for Enrichment Programmes. Your child will learn skills beyond the classroom while having fun. At Kent Ridge Education, we offer a variety of Enrichment Programmes ranging from Arts & Craft to Speech & Drama. Moreover, our June Holiday Special Programme includes activities such as Lego robotics and go-karting! Our Enrichment Programmes are guaranteed to preoccupy your child with fun-filled activities.

Is your child having difficulty with revising subjects they are weaker in? Sign up for our Academic Programmes available at our branches islandwide. Students can clarify any of their doubts with our experienced teachers during the classes and learn new content along the way.

More information on the programmes can be found on our website. To register your child for our June Holiday Programmes, click here.


Time management is not easy and even adults have trouble juggling time between family, work and rest. However, by focusing on one tip at a time and repeating these habits, both parents and children can improve on time management during the holidays.  

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