Embarking onto the next phase of education after leaving primary school is indeed daunting that the students will be exposed to more demanding levels based on their subject-specific strengths and aptitudes.
At KRTC, we believe in providing a range of academic options so that each students have the opportunities to develop a more comprehensive understanding through our teachers specialized in-depth curriculum customized to cater for different students learning pace and expectations, preparing for their GCE ‘N’ or ‘O’ Levels.

The subject disciplines that we offered at KRTC comprised of languages, mathematics and science, principal of accounts and humanities,.


  • Comprehension
  • Composition
  • E Mathematics
  • A Mathematics
  • Combined Science (Chemistry | Physics | Biology)
  • Pure Science (Chemistry | Physics | Biology) 
  • Comprehension
  • Composition
  • Higher Chinese

Principal of Accounts

Hear what Parents Say

Teacher Carol is very friendly and approachable and I find her class very interesting. I learn a lot of things from her when she conducts her lessons. I also feel that I have improved in my studies. She makes sure that the class understands her lessons well. She is patient and I find her simply amazing.

– Xia Jiangnan (P6 English)

A big “Thank You” to Teacher Mark Tan for teaching me Pure Chemistry with such devotion! Teacher Mark has helped me to improve my grades from a C5 to an A2. Through his patient guidance and dedication, I have improved my Pure Chemistry grade tremendously. He is also a very approachable and friendly tutor. He makes an effort to find a new and an engaging way to motivate me. He breaks down the concept into simple form so that I can understand it better. At the same time, he tries his best to clear any doubts or uncertainties that I have. Thank you Teacher Mark!

– Kevyn Ko (S4 Pure Chemistry)