KRTC offers a wide range of courses catered to chlidren from 18 months old to 18 years old.

Hear what Parents Say

Teacher Carol is very friendly and approachable and I find her class very interesting. I learn a lot of things from her when she conducts her lessons. I also feel that I have improved in my studies. She makes sure that the class understands her lessons well. She is patient and I find her simply amazing.

– Xia Jiangnan (P6 English)

A big “Thank You” to Teacher Mark Tan for teaching me Pure Chemistry with such devotion! Teacher Mark has helped me to improve my grades from a C5 to an A2. Through his patient guidance and dedication, I have improved my Pure Chemistry grade tremendously. He is also a very approachable and friendly tutor. He makes an effort to find a new and an engaging way to motivate me. He breaks down the concept into simple form so that I can understand it better. At the same time, he tries his best to clear any doubts or uncertainties that I have. Thank you Teacher Mark!

– Kevyn Ko (S4 Pure Chemistry)